Monday, March 16, 2009

A Passion for Carolyne Roehm!

When it comes to great Amercian style, Carolyne Roehm is in a class by herself. Yes, she's absolutely gorgeous in person. But what makes her more than simply stunning, is her devotion to creating beautiful things. I can speak about this with authority as I have had the pleasure of working with her on her collection of dresses for Best & Co.

From our very first meeting in her breathtaking NYC apartment, I was struck by her warmth and approachability. She extended the same graciousness to my entire staff and it didn't take long for me to realize that every member of the Best & Co. office (including my dog, George) had developed a crush on Carolyne. In fact, I always knew when she was paying us a visit because the office and everyone in it would get a little more dressed up for the occasion!

After all, we are talking about a woman who worked for her mentor, Oscar de la Renta, for ten years, launched her own eponymous successful fashion house, and served as the President of the CFDA. Let's just say if I had a resume like that . . . I might be throwing around a little attitude . . . but not Carolyne! The most we could ever get her was a cup of coffee (and Dunkin Donuts was just fine!) Frankly, Carolyne was much more interested in the design process and using her time and talent to create the most beautiful girls dresses I have ever seen. From her sketches to her trim choices, Carolyne's eye for detail and quality is unerring and exact.

The designs that Carolyne created for Best & Co. were inspired by her life long passion for all things blue and white and happily coincided with the publication of her ninth book, A Passion for Blue and White. You can purchase a signed copy of the gorgeous book from Carolyne's website.

While we plan an official launch and in-store event with Carolyne for Mother's Day, due to demand, we are previewing a portion of the dresses right now on our site. I think they capture Carolyne's love for quality and beauty perfectly. We all feel very lucky to have shared this experience with Carolyne and hope you will too!