Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Best & Co. baby shower that takes the cake!

I received the most incredible photos from one of our customers, Paige Campbell, who had a Best & Co. themed baby shower!

As you can see, the cake was modeled after our gorgeous gift boxes – right down to our signature ivory bow!

I love the tiny cupcakes surrounding the cake. A cluster of three on petite silver pedestals – so sweet!

Even the m&m’s are in the Best & Co. color scheme. I have to get some of these for the office!!

And check out all of the beautiful baby gifts from Best & Co. just waiting to be opened!

Thank you Paige for sending these gorgeous photos! My entire team loved seeing them! I am sending you a little cashmere something to welcome your little one into the Best & Co. family!



  1. That cake looks delicious

  2. What an elegant and sophistiacted affair!
    Absolutely beautfiul....

  3. What a charming & classic shower. Simply lovely.