Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spring Photo Shoot

While it is literally freezing here in New York today, I have spring on my mind. We recently shot our Spring 2009 catalog and we are now finalizing our lay-outs. Here’s a behind-the-scenes tour of the fun and chaos created by children, parents, nannies, stylists, dogs, dog handlers, and one president hovering with a digital camera . . .

Even before we arrive at the studio, my team spends days creating story boards, planning each shot, sourcing props, and casting models.

Here’s Halston’s rack. Just like the “big girls,” our models visit our showroom for a final fitting before the shoot to ensure that the clothes fit just right.

We photographed two of our Spring 2009 collections – “Nautical” and “Picnic.” As a result, we had an interesting mishmash of props at the ready including a massive antique ship’s wheel, vintage butterfly nets, masses of fresh flowers, and dozens of fresh cupcakes . . . which Ava got to sample when her shot was finished.

It takes a village! Here’s my team getting everyone set for the shot and simultaneously making sure that we don’t crush any of our precious models with the giant ship’s wheel!

Isn’t there a saying about working with small children and animals? At Best & Co., we throw caution to the wind! The Scottie has been Best & Co.’s mascot since 1879. (In addition to the fabulous outfit – we will be offering dog collars and leashes this year. This set is in blue and white gingham – so cute!)

In between shots, our models pass the time in low-tech ways . . .

And in high-tech ways . . .

Ava* multi-tasked on her i-phone while getting her hair done . . . actually, the phone belonged to the stylist (thank goodness!)

*We had three little girls on the shoot named Ava!

At the end of the (very long) day – we were thrilled with the results of our shoot. I can’t wait to share them with you in February!

The first two mock-up’s landed on my desk this morning (see below) . . . . stay tuned!


  1. Nice clothing, cute blog photographs. What's your goal with the blog? Just for fun? Advertising? All the "best" to you!

  2. How cool. I can't wait to see how the the pictures look in the final version!

  3. What a great idea for a baby gift. It is so nice to give something timeless that can be passed along. Thanks for sharing. Keep the great ideas coming!

  4. I was wondering when the catalogs would be coming out? I registered on behalf of my wife (and self of course) to receive one.

  5. Where can I get those fabulous espadrilles?!?! I need them.

  6. I love your blog! It is such fun to be able to peek behind the scenes of Best & Co. on your blog! The Spring catalog is adorable!! Beautiful job!

  7. When does the Spring catalog come out? We registered but haven't received it. Thanks! Love the blog, keep it up.